The Top 5 Reasons People Choose Us

Why Us?  Quality Services, Technology and People

When it comes to pest control, it is important for an established company to stay up to date with the technology, products and services available to better serve their client’s needs.  You can often tell the difference between a Holiday Termite & Pest Control service or inspection professional at first glance.  Pest control is about more than spraying products, it’s about obtaining long-term control.  Why is the pest present? What attracted the pest to your property?  These are important factors that we consider before using any products.

Top 3 Homeowner Concerns

And What We Do About It!


#1 Service is Scheduled…And No One Shows Up

“I’ve been waiting for the last 2 hours for the service guy to show up, nobody called and all I get is the answering machine when I call them.” Does that sound familiar? How many times have you called for service at your house, waited around for a couple hours and the service guy doesn’t make the appointment?   Didn’t call and no one will answer the phone at the company office? This is the number one complaint about home service providers across the board. When you choose Holiday you get a company with a carefully selected field technical team that is dedicated to meeting the schedule they’ve promised. If you’ve traveled on the beltway at any hour, you already know how bad the traffic can get. No matter how dedicated a technician is, driving around can be an insurmountable obstacle to maintaining even the best planned schedule. But if conditions present the possibility of a delay in our arrival you’ll get a call, in advance, letting you know just in case you need to adjust your plan.

Testimonial “The service was exceptional! Cleveland and his staff were knowledgeable, thorough, timely, and courteous. They were able to provide me with immediate solutions for my rodent, termite, and insect problems. I even signed up for a preventative maintenance program. (…I bought a fixer upper with multiple issues – just in case you’re wondering.) I never thought I could get excited about pest control, but I am now. These guys are AWESOME!”Rhonda M. in Centreville, VA

#2 The Service Guy Was Here…And We’ve Still Got Pests!

“That service guy was here, walked around with a sprayer or something & we’ve still got those (ants, bees, bugs, etc.). Not only that, but now no one answers the phone!  And if they do, they tell me they can’t get back here for at least another week.” This may be one of the most frustrating things in getting rid of most kinds of household pests. With Holiday you’ll know exactly what to expect in the days and weeks following your home treatment service call. And if the problem doesn’t go away, if it doesn’t happen the way we say, we’ll come back and retreat as many times as necessary for the entire duration of your warranty.

Testimonial “The service was fast and very complete. The representative from Holiday was very informed and helpful. I would call them again any time I needed this service and I would recommend them to anyone.” —James K. in Annandale, VA

#3 We Got a Quote… And Now the Invoice Has An Extra Charge On It!

“I Got What I Thought Was a Firm Quote… And Now the Invoice Has An Extra Charge On It That I Didn’t Approve.” Now this is very aggravating and with Holiday you can rest assured it will not happen to you. For select pest problems you’ll know before we come out how much the treatment will cost. You’ll get a detailed explanation of what the technician will be doing and about how long it will take and a firm quote for the cost of the service. If we find anything that increases or decreases the cost of the service we’ll be back to talk with you, explain what we’ve found, detail the changes we see that are necessary and get your approval before we do anything. You’ll never find a charge, on your invoice, that wasn’t clearly explained and agreed to by you, before we begin.

Testimonial “Did the best to save me money. Was told by other contractor that I would need monthly spraying. He came and told me what I could do to stop the problem. Said he could do work but gave me advice so I could fix it myself. Saved me money and gave honest advice. I saved his card if I need them in the future.” —Laverne T. in Fairfax, VA