When termites get to be too much for homeowners because of infestations, then professionals should be called for termite control. These sometimes, winged insects can cause a lot of damage to a home if not taken care of early enough.  Northern VA Homeowners can be at an even higher risk. Here are the top 3 things homeowners should know about termites.

Termites require 3 things to live

1. They require water

Without water termites will dry up and die. Water is used for moisture as well as a cool place to live for some, like the subterranean termites, that live underground. They live around wet areas; therefore Northern VA Homeowners are at a higher risk for infestations of these type of termites.

2. They need food to survive

They have to have food and that is wood, whether it be mulch, dead trees, wooden house siding, firewood, or just anything made of wood. Firewood is a main source of food, so keep wood away from the house. Once they get inside the home they can  cause damage in the home.

3. They need light

They also need light to swarm and are usually seen around windows and doors or any where they see light. So check these areas during the spring and summer months for signs of these swarming insects.

Reducing the probability of an infestation can be done by a homeowner without the help of a professional just by fixing water leaks, keeping mulch and firewood away from the house and get a yearly inspection done by a “termite control specialist.”

Northern VA Homeowners should watch out for both the subterranean and drywood termites because of the climate conditions.  A professional needs to be called at first sign of these pests. Underground, is home to the subterranean termites because they prefer loose and wet soil and will build a colony there which makes it easy for them to enter a building.

Now, drywood termites live inside wood structures that are dry, including possibly behind the walls inside your home. Spring is usually when termites start swarming particularly during the months of March-May. Many times a homeowner will not know that they have termites for years down the road. So it is better to be safe than sorry. Termite inspections, once a year will help rid those nasty insects.. A home that has termites needs to be reported as soon as possible so that the termites do not cause more problems than they are ready do.