It’s important for Fairfax County homeowners to know that pests can be more than a nuisance; they can be destructive to your property and can carry disease.

A lot of homeowners prefer to take the DIY route because they believe that it saves money to try to get the problem under control on their own. Unfortunately it can be quite a dangerous undertaking to try to handle pesticides on your own. Over the counter products can be ineffective if not used properly, not to mention a danger for your family and pets.

Potential Problems Caused by Pests:

Many homeowners do not realize how bad their pest problems are. Bites from pests can get out of control rather quickly. Some pests can carry disease and it is not unusual for people to become ill from a single bite. Also, when bites occur, infection then becomes a higher risk as well.

The property damage that pests cause is well documented. Most people think of termites when they think of property damage caused by pests. It is true that termites do account for millions of dollars in damages each year although they are not the only pests that can cause damage.

Rodents like mice and rats are also well known for causing property damage. They have both been known to chew through electrical wiring inside walls, weaken foundations by tunneling and can easily tear apart your insulation to nest. Even some species of flying insects can cause property damage by making their nests in wooden areas of your home like carpenter bees.

A Professional Pest Control Company is The Answer

A professional pest control company offers the homeowner safer, effective treatment plans to rid the home of these destructive pests. When you call in a professional you are calling in a licensed, well trained technician that knows how to not only treat your particular problem but to actually eradicate it in most cases.

The Best Time to Call In A Professional

The time to call in a professional is when you notice any degree or signs of pest activity. If you want to secure your premises against pests you can call to get a professional assessment which is typically free.

Prevention is the key to keeping your pest problems under control. A professional pest control specialist has been trained to know what those invitations look like around your home that are attracting these unwanted guests.