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Ad-van-tage  Noun:  A condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position.

Homeowners throughout the area and often, a neighbor, are experiencing the peace of mind associated with trusting Holiday Termite & Pest Control with their pest control needs.  The benefit of early detection and protection dramatically reduces and often eliminates the use of pest control products inside a home.  Protect your family, pets and home from the seasonal fluctuations that causes pests to look for a new home, shelter or food with our Home Pest Advantage Program.

Key Benefits

Provides All-Year-Protection
Exterior services so no need to take off work
Long list of covered pests
Environmentally conscious services

Our Home Pest Advantage Program

Provides Year Round Pest Protection

Winter Winter Services

Keeping the cold out keeps the pests in. Pests that have sought refuge inside your well-sealed home are not prone to the fluctuating temperatures and humidity of the outdoors that keeps their populations in check.

Spring Service

Here they come! Springtime is a time for awakening. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and pests are awakening. Their long winter’s nap is over and it is time for BUGS to begin their active lives.

Summer Services

In the summertime we spend most of our time outside. Unfortunately, a lot of pests do to. This time of year pests are more active, build bigger colonies, and unfortunately visit the same places that we do.

Fall Services

As the days get shorter and the temperature outside lowers, little visitors may begin to invade your house by the tens, hundreds, or even the thousands! In addition, rodents can suddenly show up in your home and pose a serious health threat.