Bed Bugs and DIY Products are Not a Great Combination

Bed bugs are a public health nuisance in many areas of the United States.  They can also be difficult to get rid of if you find them in your home.  You may be tempted to buy insecticides or pesticides at the store to try and get rid of them yourself in order to save money.  However, many do-it-yourself products have been found to be ineffective against bed bugs.  This is one of the five reasons you should hire a professional exterminator to eradicate your them.  Among the other reasons are:

Bed Bugs ŸAre Best Left To Trained Professionals

Professional pest control technicians are trained in how to eradicate pests, including bed bugs.  These tiny creatures can be difficult to get rid of once they’ve become entrenched in your home.   This is why professional exterminators are trained and educated in the best methods to get rid of them.

Access to better chemical products

Technicians also have access to professional strength products that are better at killing pests than most of what you can buy in the stores.  In the hands of someone who is untrained and unfamiliar with handling these types of products, these chemicals can be very dangerous.  They can also lead to an accidental poisoning.  These chemicals can do harm to your pets if they are not properly used.

Knowledge of how to find bed bugsrethink bed bugs hiding in luggage

ŸBed bugs are great at hiding in bedding, among furniture and in mattresses.  It takes someone with the necessary training to know what to look for and where to look. These excellent hiders are not easy to spot.   A professional pest control technician will know where they may hide and they can treat those areas with the proper products.

Knowledgeable about the best bed bug prevention methods.

Professionally trained technicians also know the best ways to prevent bed bugs.  They can inform you of the proper methods of keeping bed bugs away from your home and show you what to look for when you are traveling.  They can tell you not only what to look for but how to avoid transporting them with you to your next lodgings or back home with you.

ŸIneffective home treatments.

Trying to treat or prevent bed bugs yourself may actually exacerbate the problem.  When foggers were used, the bed bugs simply hide in any crack or crevice they could find to avoid the chemical.  Some insects who were exposed to some products actually became immune to its affects.  This results in one of the five reasons that you need to call a professional pest control technician when you spot signs of bed bugs in your home.