5 Conditions Around Your Home That Invites Pests Every Year

If you’ve noticed that you have the same pests coming back year in and year out, it may be what you are doing to encourage them to come back to your house every year.  You may not be aware that you are attracting pests to your home, but if you are observant, you can get rid of the pest attractions and help rid your house of insects and other vermin once and for all.  Here are five conditions in and around your home that will attract pests and keep them coming back.

Standing Water

Clogged gutters, poor drainage in your flower beds or even water in your dog’s outside water dish are areas of standing water that will draw the attenpotted planttion of some pests and keep them coming back as long as that condition around your home exists.  Mosquitoes, flies, and even rodents will be attracted to standing water.

To prevent standing water, keep your gutters clear of debris and make sure they are draining correctly.  Divert the water away from your home and make sure it is flowing unhindered into the sewer.  If you have drainage issues in your flower beds or yard, create trenches for the water to drain into and away from your home.  Also, empty out the dog’s water dish if they come into the house to sleep at night.

Cracks and Crevices in Your Foundation

Insects and rodents will squeeze into any hole they can to enter into your home in search of food or just a warm place to nest when the weather starts getting cold.  Weep holes, which are cracks in your foundation to allow moisture to escape outside, are excellent places for them to get into your house.  Seal off the gaps you find in your home’s foundation and around the pipes that lead from your house outside.  Any small crevice should be covered to prevent entrance into your home.

Uncovered Pet Food

Rodents and insects will feed on pet food that is left lying around in and around your home.  Don’t keep pet food out in the open at night, store it in sealed plastic containers instead of the bags it comes in and, if you have a bird feeder, keep it away from you house.  Rodents, as well as the birds you’re feeding, will be drawn to bird seeds as a food source.

Unsealed or Broken Seals on Doors

When the weather starts getting cold, a crack underneath your door will be an open invitation for rodents and insects to seek shelter in your home.  To prevent this from happening, go around your home and inspect the seals underneath any outside entryway you have, including your garage door.  Replace broken or worn out seals or attach seals to the bottom of doors that don’t have them.

Clean Out Vents

Moisture and mildew can build-up in dirty vents, which will attract insects.  Regularly clean out your vents to discourage insects from living in them, which will help keep your home pest free.