There are many simple ways to prevent your home from attracting rodents, especially finding the evidence of rats.  Keeping rats out of your home is important not only to prevent damage to your investment, but to also proteect you and your family’s health. Rodents can carry a number of deadly diseases, including:

  • Ÿ Hantavirus
  • Ÿ Leptospirosis
  • Ÿ Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis
  • Ÿ Typhus

The droppings, shed fur and dander of rats can also cause allergic reactions in many people. Here are five ways to keep rats from invading your home.

Seal Up the House

Use an appropriate material or other means to seal the holes you find around the outside of your home. Rats nor mice don’t need a very big space to get through so seal even the smallest cracks or crevices that you find.  Seal around pipes leading from the outside of your home to the inside. If you find holes made by rats inside of your house, try stuffing them with steel wool and patching the hole.

Clean Up Food Sources

If you have an outdoor grilling area, keep food debris picked up and clean your grills so the smells don’t attract these vermin. Clean up fallen bird seed if you have bird feeders and use squirrel guards to limit access to the seed in the feeders. Wash your dishes soon after use and clean up any food spills right away. Remove pet dishes from outside overnight and don’t leave out pet food inside of your house at night.

Pick Up Garbage

Keep garbage picked up outside of your home; especially around the perimeter so rats don’t have nesting material or places to hide. Take out the garbage in your kitchen frequently, especially in the spring and summer months. Place garbage outside and seal your garbage containers. Store food and other items in hard plastic containers and not cardboard boxes.

Keep Compost Far Away

For gardeners who compost, place the compost pile 100 feet or more from your home. A compost pile is a perfect place for rats and other animals to scrounge for food. Use a compost bin to keep it covered, especially if you live in a more rural location. You don’t want to attract wild animals, much less rats, to your home because of your composting efforts.

By doing these few simple things, you can keep from developing a rat problem and keep them out of your home with minimal effort. Since they can carry deadly viruses, it is important to ensure rats don’t get into your home. It is the best way to ensure the health of your family.